In PlanStreet, Agile framework facilitates detailed release planning, backlog management, and sprint planning, and tracks team progress as well.

It enables managers to meet multiple goals by providing business predictability and creative flexibility to meet the ever-changing market.

Release Planning

Sprints and user stories are created in the detailed release planning Kanban board in PlanStreet. User stories can only be created under backlog columns. Sprints can be created from this board and made active and inactive at any given time. Release planning also acts as a base to monitor progress in a project. Scrum Masters can have multiple sprints active at a time or just one sprint. Agile board users can use the planning board to perform release planning activities like moving stories from backlog to a sprint and between sprints.


PlanStreet provides backlog column as part of the release planning Kanban board where user stories can be created. Backlog in Kanban board for Agile project management enables users to create, plan and prioritize stories, reorder them by dragging-all in an optimized backlog. User Stories have integrated checklists, threaded comments, and the ability to assign multiple team members. Story-point system informs you of team progress and velocity at a glance. Product owners usually create and manage backlog for each scrum team.

Sprint Planning

Sprint planning, an event in the scrum framework, facilitates in planning user stories for either single or multiple sprints. Users can start, organize, or complete sprints easily. Current and future sprints can be viewed in chronological order in the Agile Kanban board. PlanStreet provides detailed sprint board for each sprint where work items can be categorized as per teams and priority. Unfinished user stories can be dragged from completed sprints back to backlog or future sprints. Key aspects of current sprints such as planned start and end dates, number of story points can be seen by users anytime.

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