Architecture & Engineering

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Workload Scheduling

PlanStreet comes armed with many industry-specific tools to help you take your business further. For Architecture and Engineering firms, PlanStreet provides many cutting-edge solutions from managing projects, scheduling staff or tasks, forecasting future financial performance to delivering successful projects.

We have a long list of tailor-made solutions to help you overcome industry challenges and get a competitive advantage. PlanStreet’s Traditional Planning delivers complete project lifecycle which includes project management, document management, resource demand, and financial management. This enables managers to access and analyze the information and make decisions readily based on real-time information.

Financial Tracking

Forecast your next quarter’s financial performance with our advanced project accounting solutions. PlanStreet lets you automate your project budgeting and cost and revenue forecasting with Street Financials while automatically calculating actual cost, revenue and margin against tasks and resources.

Time Tracking

Team members log time against tasks, not against projects. This unique PlanStreet feature streamlines work because there’s no need to log into individual projects via a clunky interface in order to track time. Work logs automatically roll up to a timesheet, which can be generated daily, weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly depending on each organization’s preference. Employees can review and adjust timesheets if necessary before submission.

In addition, timesheets can be project or non-project based, depending on need. Every scenario is accounted for, whether a team member is executing a task, attending a conference, consulting on contract, and so forth.

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