Construction & Contracting

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Project Scheduling

Just like any other business, construction & contracting personnel are looking to overcome industry challenges and to create a competitive edge. PlanStreet offers professional builders everything they require to plan, schedule and completes their project. Get on board PlanStreet with advanced project management tools that are easily understood and require only minimal training. Our cloud-based online project management software can be accessed from your project site or your back office.

Project Budgeting

Create your next construction project plan with PlanStreet by assigning tasks, tracking milestones and progress against your plan. Stay on top of your project timeline by monitoring planned vs actual progress of your project. Keep your finances in control with budget and expense management. Forecast your labor, material, and equipment costs with our advanced project accounting solutions. PlanStreet lets you automate your project budgeting and labor cost forecasting with Street Financials while automatically calculating actual cost, revenue and margin against tasks, resources, material and equipment.

Smart Scheduling

Industry professionals can create various project plans and schedule tasks assigned to labor including scheduling of materials and equipment. Change project schedules or reset tasks with ease. Share with field crews, back office or stakeholders and provide them access to view or edit project plans online. Our dynamic Gantt chart allows you to update plans across the board with a single click, and a “smart calendar” acts as an early-warning system, identifying delays and ever-changing issues.

Give your project an advantage by our simple and easy to use management tools like timesheets, timelines, task lists and dashboards. Update project timesheets and timelines while in the field and your dashboard will be updated as you watch. Users can also store RFIs, photos and invoices in PlanStreet’s online document management.

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