What is Construction Project Management?

Construction project management is the process by which planning, monitoring, control and coordinating are taking place within the project. There are five different phases to construction project management and those phases are pre-construction, procurement, design, and construction. Below are the five different stages.

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Design Stage

This is the beginning, where your project starts. Design phase includes initial discovery and design meetings with the stakeholders. Site analysis and surveys are conducted so that Schematic design and design development can be completed. This stage handles different areas such as contracts, different types of concepts, schematics, industry codes, and regulations.

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Preconstruction Stage

The owner will give permission to start the project and the team then begins to review all documents. The team will complete walkthrough and see if any issues need to be addressed. The walkthrough will identify issues that will occur in the design stage. If the earlier issues are detected early on, it will be easy for them to get corrected.

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Now you are ready to obtain different types of material and construction to get the job completed. The subcontractor or general contractor will come in during this part. You will be working with purchase orders which will be the agreement between the buyer and the seller.

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Have a preconstruction meeting that entails where the material will be stored, site access, quality control and work hours.

Utilizing the right tools for your Construction Project Management

Make sure you are using the right tools for your construction management project. The right tools will help you guide your project most efficiently and effectively possible. Below are some tools that will help guide your construction project management.

Gantt Chart: The Gantt Chart helps schedule different tasks on a visual timeline. This will help you to stay organized, and you will be able to monitor what you are doing day to day in an organized, detailed way. Besides, you can add tasks that are dependent on each other so that it will avoid blocking team members. You can also add the due date and task to the side of the spreadsheet of the Gantt chart.

Timesheets: Timesheets will help you and your team when it comes to planning and executing the construction project. This tool can also help to gauge how much time is being spent on each project and offer visibility to the time that is spent on each task.

Communication: Communication is such an important part of your construction project. You could use a mobile app such as slack, to effectively communicate with your team member(s). This will help the conversation(s) to stay in one place and allow the sharing of different types of important files that you will want your team to see.

The Role of a Construction Project Manager

The construction project manager will help monitor and regulate the project. Without the construction project manager, the project would fail. The construction project manager will implement many responsibilities. Below are the different priorities the project manager must implement, for the project to run successfully. Quality Management: Hold people accountable and ensure that you are review performance results throughout the process by putting a control system in place. Keep improving the process along the way for a strong outcome. Following is a type of framework that will help you manage the quality of work.

Cost management: Controlling and planning the financial aspects of your project. Make sure that the costs of the labor do not exceed what you have budgeted. Be aware and consistently organize and look over your budget, it will prevent you and your team from going over budget.

Time management: Time management is a crucial part of your construction project because it will help you and your team stay on track, increase efficiency and also set priorities which will help your project run smoothly.

Construction management professional practices: The contractor's program is a written program and it will define your processes and procedures to ensure that the quality of the project meets or exceeds expectations. The program has two sections which is quality assurance procedures and a quality control plan.

Major Challenges in Construction Project Management

  • Risk Management: When it comes to risk management you want to ensure that you plan and monitor measures to avoid risk. To do this successfully you would want to access the risk and identify and hazards.
  • Accountability: You want to make sure that you are holding your team members accountable for their tasks. Using a Gantt Chart can help with this, and also conducting individual touch bases to ensure each team member is on target for each task.
  • Unskilled Team: If you have an unskilled team this could have a negative impact on the overall result of successfully completing your project. In addition, an unskilled team could cause the construction project to have issues which may slow down the project or prevent completion.

Who needs Construction Project Management?

Managing a construction project is a very large task that has a lot of different priorities that need to be addressed in the right order, and that's where construction project management comes in. The ultimate goal is to deliver a completed and successful project to your client on time, as well as budget and having revenue, returned to you and your subcontractors. Your construction project has a lot of planning, tracking, managing, budgeting and reporting through the duration of the project. Construction project management involves directing and regulating and supervising a project from early development until completion. If you need assistance and your project completed in the most efficient cost-effective way, construction project management would be great for you and your team.

New to Construction Project Management? How PlanStreet can help

PlanStreet can help you and your project in many ways. Construction project management is one of PlanStreet's specialties, and below are the different ways we can help you.

Task management: This tool will help you schedule all tasks related to your project. Whether you are managing different employees, or you need to keep track of the different equipment that you use on your project, this tool will help guide you and keep you organized.

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Staying on top of every task in a project is very important to the success of the completion. Planning a project using PlanStreet's Traditional Framework would prevent different types of risks from occurring and slowing down any disruption that could potentially happen to your project. With a Gantt Chart that is built-in, this will help track any type of potential errors before they even occur.

With PlanStreet's software, we will help your construction project in many different ways, and ensure you get the best results. There are several different aspects of automation that PlanStreet will help you with. If you are new to construction project management, and you're considering PlanStreet, just know that we offer several different ways to create a peace of mind for you and your team(s). We also offer a transparent way to meet your project's financial needs. For example, we cover labor cost forecasting, and real-time financial tracking to ensure that your project is completed within budget.

Overall, PlanStreet will help you get the most out of your construction project. With the tools we have available we will help you and your team get the most out of your project. We will make sure that you get the best results and maximize your time and budgeting in the most efficient way possible. Try our software and your construction project will be efficient in project automation.

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