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    Gantt Chart Software

    Staying on top of your tasks is essential to project success. PlanStreet's Gantt chart helps schedule different tasks on a visual timeline. Gantt chart will help you to stay organized and monitor daily progress in a detailed way. Besides, you can add tasks that are dependent on each other so that it will avoid blocking team members. You can also add task due date to the list view of the Gantt chart.

    Time and Expense Tracking

    PlanStreet offers Timesheets and daily time card that helps you and your team when it comes to planning and executing the construction project. PlanStreet's construction management software can help your finances in different ways ensuring the best results. PlanStreet covers labor cost forecasting, real-time expenses, and overall tracking to ensure that the project gets completed within budget.

    Task Management

    Task Management

    Give a boost to your construction project with PlanStreet. Manage project teams or equipment with finesse. Schedule all tasks related to the project with the help of our task management tool. Team members can check assigned tasks on our employee task portal and execute them right away. Project managers receive realtime updates across projects.


    You can collaborate on the project team site using PlanStreet's mobile app to communicate with your team member (s) effectively. Conversations stay in one place, and the sharing of schematic design, construction documents, construction site pictures and videos with your team becomes easier.

    Construction Project Phases

    Construction project management is the process that plans, monitors, controls, and coordinates a project. The most important phases in construction project management are planning, pre-construction, procurement, and construction. Let's see how these phases affect your project.

    Planning Stage

    This is the beginning, where your project starts. The planning phase includes initial discovery and design meetings with the stakeholders. Site analysis and surveys are part of the Schematic design completion. Planning forms a tiny percentage of the total cost of the project but has a huge impact on the construction phase, where the majority of the cost and liability exist.

    Preconstruction Stage

    The Schematic design would have been completed once we move towards preconstruction. Construction documents usually contain three stages: schematic design (SD, which is mostly part of the Planning Phase), design development (DD) and construction documents (CD). The Construction Manager will align all stakeholders during this phase including contractors.


    The project team starts procuring construction equipment, materials, and hiring labor in this stage. Large construction companies have procurement departments that deal with hiring and purchasing, whereas in smaller companies, the contractor or sub-contractors are responsible for this.


    If you have reached this stage, that means you are ready to build. But first, a pre-construction meeting of the crew would clarify simple details such as ground rules, storing construction material, and securing the site. A schedule for payments should also be set up to keep the workforce happy and productive.

    The Role of a Construction Project Manager

    The construction project manager helps monitor and regulate the project. Without the construction project manager, the project would most likely fail. Below are the different activities the project manager can execute in PlanStreet for the project to run successfully.

    Quality Management:

    Hold people accountable and ensure that you are review performance results throughout the process by putting a control system in place. Keep improving the process along the way for a strong outcome.

    Cost management:

    Controlling and planning the financial aspects of your project. Make sure that the costs of the labor do not exceed what you have budgeted in PlanStreet's project financials. Be aware and consistently organize and look over your budget; it will prevent you and your team from going over budget.

    Time management:

    Time management is a crucial part of PlanStreet time and expense tracking. It will help you and your team stay on track, increase efficiency, and also set priorities that will help your project run smoothly.

    Construction management professional practices:

    The contractor's program defines your processes and procedures to ensure that the quality of the project meets or exceeds expectations. The program has two sections which are quality assurance procedures and a quality control plan.

    Major Challenges in Construction Project Management

    • Risk Management: When it comes to risk management you want to ensure that you plan and monitor measures to avoid risk. To do this successfully you would want to access the risk and identify hazards using the PlanStreet project management.
    • Accountability: You want to make sure that you are holding your team members accountable for their tasks. Using PlanStreet's construction scheduling software can help with this, and also reviewing employee task management in PlanStreet to ensure teams are on target for their tasks.
    • Unskilled Team: If you have an unskilled team this could have a negative impact on the overall result of successfully completing your project. In addition, an unskilled team could cause the construction project to have issues that may slow down the project or prevent completion.

    Who needs Construction Project Management Software?

    • Managing a construction project is an enormous task that has a lot of different priorities that require attention in the right order.
    • The ultimate goal is to deliver a completed and successful project on time, within budget, and maximizing profit.
    • Your construction project has a lot of planning, tracking, managing, budgeting, and reporting through the duration of the project.
    • If you need assistance with your project completed in the most efficient cost-effective way, PlanStreet's construction scheduling software would be great for you and your team.

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