PlanStreet’s online Gantt chart control can facilitate in planning and controlling multiple projects at a time.

Gantt planning tool makes it easy for you to divide projects into tasks and subtasks, organize and schedule them and then set durations among them.

Manage multiple project plans

PlanStreet Users can create various project plans, whether it’s an individual team project or having multiple teams assigned to one project using the Gantt planning tool. Project managers from various teams can collaborate and update the combined project plan by editing the relevant sections and phases of the project schedule. The system tracks changes done to the project plan by each contributor and can be undone by the program manager if required. Our simple Gantt chart software updates project schedules across the project portfolio and provides centralized access for resource allocation and utilization.

Resource planning

PlanStreet Gantt chart project management software allows you to manage resources and estimate how much your project would cost. You can also add resources and give them specific tasks. Take a step ahead and allocate cost by the hour and time spent on the task. Gantt chart online tool control will immediately calculate project cost. Our intuitive software allows you to track and control expenses within budget.

Auto scheduling & critical path

Our simple Gantt chart software automatically recalculates project plans adjusting task duration, work hours, and dependencies across tasks and teams. Project owners and team leads prioritize tasks, phases, and milestones by utilizing the drag and drop and indent, outdent features. Gantt chart offers a critical path check functionality to guide and alert project owners of tasks critical to project success. When projects have a lot of activities with various dependencies, the critical path can be a huge help in defining tasks that have the greatest impact. The critical path can shorten project duration by defining the most critical parts of the project plan.


Project managers find baseline very useful when they need to compare original project plan with current state of project. Baselines are created by adding snapshots of your project at any given time to your Gantt chart. Afterwards, you can compare these projections to the actual timeline of the project. This helps in understanding which activities were delayed, which were on time, and which were completed ahead of schedule. PlanStreet has designed baseline to help you reach every project’s destination on time and within budget. Critical path can shorten project duration by defining the most critical parts of the project plan.

Find how PlanStreet’s Gantt chart will help you and your team plan projects effectively

We’re positive that PlanStreet’s Gantt chart will help you assign multiple people to tasks and forecast the exact hours for each resource per day.