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    Manufacturing Project Management

    Solution for every step of the process

    The world of manufacturing is a complex and interwoven system of tasks, dependencies, and schedules. PlanStreet is here to help your manufacturing processes, and the project managers who implement them, be as organized, thorough, and efficient as possible.

    PlanStreet’s Kanban boards

    A Kanban board helps project managers visualize workflow. Utilizing a Kanban board fosters transparency and keeps the entire team on the same page. By monitoring and managing work in progress, PlanStreet’s Kanban boards help manufacturers align production with customer requests.

    Advantages of Kanban boards in manufacturing:

    • Easy to understand
    • Flexible formats
    • Web-based for use anywhere
    • Used across many industries
    • Critical tasks are prioritized
    • Cycle times are reduced

    PlanStreet’s online Kanban board can help manufacturers manage the
    entire spectrum of their business:

    Optimize workflow:
    Kanban boards enables every team member to understand what the most important tasks are and the current status of completion. This shared understanding yields increased efficiency across the entire manufacturing process.

    Organize and prioritize project tasks:
    By providing a visual representation of tasks, work flow can be organized and displayed in an easily communicated display. Being able to actually physically move a task across the board is a powerful and motivating tool that inspires confidence in a project team.

    Track product orders and workflow:
    Kanban boards divide work flow into a minimum of three stages: to-do list, work in progress, and completed tasks. Tasks can be moved into these various stages depending on their status. These stages can even be subdivided into more specific stages if the scope of the manufacturing project requires it.

    Stay on schedule:
    The very nature of the Kanban board is that tasks are placed in stages designed to keep them moving through the process to completion. Its basic design is one that fosters a sense of timelines and focus on delivering completed tasks on time.

    Kanban boards are simple to implement and easy to understand making them an ideal communication and organizational tool for manufacturers. In addition to being their ease of use, PlanStreet’s web-based Kanban boards can be accessed and updated by any team member anywhere in the world. This access give your team the ability to completely optimize collaboration in a manufacturing environment.

    Gantt charts

    PlanStreet’s online Gantt chart organizes and tracks projects by assigning tasks and allocating resources along a timeline. Implementing Gantt chart will help you streamline your manufacturing processes and root out resource waste.

    Portfolio Management

    Use past, current, and prospective manufacturing data to analyze processes. Track and display work packages across the organization with the portfolio sprint board

    Reduce risk in manufacturing projects by assessing the current state of each project to determine adherence to budget, allocation of staff, and workloads.

    Manufacturers have a centralized resources allocation planning tool that provides a comprehensive look at resource capacity and demand across the organization.

    Quickly analyze portfolio backlog across the organization to gain a better understanding of the total workload and what resources will be required to achieve it.

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