Task Management

My Street offers robust task management and tracking for individual team members. Members can view and execute tasks for all the projects assigned to them. Status updates can be submitted and reviewed in real time by the members and project managers.

Time Tracking

Individual team members can utilize the check-in/check-out feature to mark their attendance to work. This information is just at the high level to share the employee’s presence at work with project managers and HR department.

Work log functionality allows team members to log time against specific projects and tasks. Employees can even select non-project activities to log time against meetings and other engagements assigned beyond the projects.

Work log and attendance then automatically rolls up to a time sheet, which can be generated daily, weekly, semi-monthly or monthly depending on each organization’s policy. Time sheets are automatically filled based on the time log and employees can review and adjust them if necessary before submission. Time sheets can also be project or non project based activities as assigned by each employee’s supervisor.


Tasks timeline and calendar scheduling provide one consolidated view for an employee’s engagement on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Employees can schedule meetings, appointments and PTO while considering the assigned project tasks. Project Managers have access to the team member’s individual calendars and utilize it for resource assignments and capacity planning.

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