Project Management Software for Oil and Gas Industry

Manage Projects & feild teams in the Cloud

Manages Workload, Capacity & Allocation

    Oil and Gas Industry Project Management Software

    Manage projects & field teams in the cloud

    PlanStreet assists Oil and gas companies to optimize Resource allocation and project cost management.

    Project Management

    In today’s landscape, managing and expanding Oil & Gas resources are of utmost importance. Digital transformation, tight budgets due to global economic conditions, and the need to provide a growth platform are causing an intense change in the Oil & Gas industry. With every passing day, projects in the industry are increasing in volume, size, scope and the need to be scalable is more important than ever. More and more energy companies are now moving towards utilizing a project management software and achieve higher capital productivity.

    Portfolio Management

    Adopting PlanStreet’s project portfolio management tool can improve your organization’s performance and profitability. Our seamless and sophisticated project portfolio management tools provide a closer look at the bigger picture across projects. Project portfolio managers have access to real-time status updates, issues, and risks for all the projects within the portfolio. A deeper dive in each specific project allows managers to modify resource allocation and capacity to prioritize critical projects.

    Financial Management

    Forecast cost and revenue are determined based on forecast hours, forecast expenses, and other forecast fixed costs against each task, phase, and milestone using the interactive Gantt chart. The actual work done against tasks using work logs and timesheets determines the actual labor cost. Project managers and accountants track itemized costs and expenses for each project. Ensure cost control and project delivery within the assigned budget. PlanStreet delivers comprehensive insight into each stage of your project budget. Labor costs and expenses are frequently tracked and reconciled at the end of each financial period to ensure financial transparency across the organization.

    Resource Management

    PlanStreet manages workload, capacity, and allocation so that teams plan, track, and manage project schedules across the organization. Project managers schedule and track resource allocation, capacity, and actual output against tasks and phases for individuals and teams. Realistic resource forecasting is key to optimizing team output and successful project delivery. Project portfolio managers perform resource leveling using what-if analysis across projects and teams. Resource allocation centralized control updates project plans across portfolios to ensure maximum focus on high-risk projects.

    In this ever-progressing industry, deciding where to invest your resources requires extensive evaluation.

    Oil & Gas companies can improve immediate profit while allocating resources to work on the most rewarding investment options. Keep an eye on your project with PlanStreet‘s accurate time logging, tracking and budget forecasting which maximizes leverage, reputation, and profit in the long run.

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