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Project Performance

PlanStreet project management and collaboration software is a perfect fit for Professional Services Automation. PlanStreet facilitates planning, managing, and measuring project performance throughout its lifecycle. This online project management tool centralizes business processes and data so that services are delivered predictably, and repetitive manual methods are automated. Most of PlanStreet’s popular features are widely applicable across many verticals such as project accounting, billing, calendar management, client access through client portal, team collaboration, document & project management, time and expense tracking and software integrations.

Service Automation

Organizations that deliver billable work can benefit the most from our services automated software. By integrating project delivery data, PlanStreet solutions highlight KPIs such as utilization, revenue, cost, and profit margins. As profit margins in professional service delivery grow with headcount, the financial benefits of a well-implemented PSA solution scale with company size.

Service Delivery

Originally developed for the professional services sector, Planstreet is now being widely adopted across several project-based industries, such as Information Technology, marketing, communications, and Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC). PlanStreet project management enables people responsible for business performance to manage and measure service delivery at scale. Reporting features of our software enable account and resource managers to recognize trends and allocate staff accordingly. Directors can pinpoint where business is performing well and where there are opportunities for improvement.

Smart Project Management

Effective project management applications help organizations easily manage projects, optimize resource use, and drive stronger margins. Our tools help organizations gain control over their project, financial, timeline, and resource data. Choose or upgrade your tools when you need to increase headcount or demand, when the range of services needs to grow to meet client needs, market expansion, or when projects, deadlines and timelines become more numerous and difficult to manage using manual processes. As a great project management tool, it keeps top thinkers out of spreadsheets and more engaged with the data at a high level, to make decisions that drive towards greater profitability.

Project Analysis

The biggest systems opportunity for services organizations is to build their technology around a single source of truth. Organizations see better visibility, predictability, and agility by bridging core planning, executional, project accounting, and analysis systems in a single operating environment. This infrastructure becomes the core of the organization and can improve processes by packaging up best practices into frameworks, guidelines, analytics, and insights required to successfully operate in today’s fast-moving services environment.

Our online project management software provides a centralized access for project resource management, project management and accounting. PlanStreet offers a range of plans for services delivery providers, from basic project management plans to advanced Professional service automation.

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