Project Planning and

Ensure project success with Gantt Chart and Kanban Boards

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    PlanStreet saves so much time, effort, and confusion. As a cloud-based software system, updates are in real-time. Everyone involved sees all changes immediately. Work from home, or anywhere. More comfort means more productivity.It’s all at your fingertips, all the time.

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    PlanStreet’s project management software takes scheduling to a simpler place. Assign tasks and allocate resources with ease. Automatic adjustments update timelines and dependencies. Order is preserved, as is peace of mind.


    PlanStreet is a cloud-based software. Collaborate with anyone, anytime, anywhere. No boundaries in your location, or your success! Be productive when it suits your schedule.


    PlanStreet knows that milestones need to stay front and center. Achieving milestones shows the ongoing success of the project. One glance at the timeline shows exactly where you are in your project. Staying on track motivates the entire team.

    Real-time updates

    PlanStreet understands the need to show an updated project at all times. Real-time updates provide everyone with the latest information at any given moment.

    Project Status

    PlanStreet shows not just the team the status of the project, but the stakeholders, too. Stakeholders can log in and see progress on everything from tasks, to the entire scope of the project. Happy stakeholders make for happy teams!

    Agile Project Management

    Your User Stories are stunningly simple to manage with PlanStreet’s Agile Project Management. Create multiple stories across multiple sprints. The Kanban board uses a drag and drop method that makes assigning tasks, and viewing progress, highly intuitive. Teams and stakeholders can use checklists, add comments, and see attachments. Visual cues keep everyone working toward the same goal. Nothing is out of reach.

    Choose from a point system, or hourly allocation for each story.
    Manage backlogs easily by dragging them to the appropriate sprint.

    It’s that easy.

    Traditional Project Management

    Gantt charts make Traditional projects sing with efficiency. Milestones are front and center, viewable at every phase of your important projects. The timeline view allows easy modification.

    Drag and Drop changes, adjust start and end points, all directly from the timeline.

    It’s all at your fingertips, all the time.

    Traditional & Agile Together

    Combine both frameworks for flexibility, and multiple project needs. The choices are yours. PlanStreet has anything and everything you need to build a new business, or manage a well-established, successful company.

    A dual approach can help you meet multiple goals easily. Accountability and creativity can coexist using our platform. PlanStreet offers Phase & Gate approach for the project execution that helps you build project portfolio roadmaps across the organization. Whether you’re an established company or a startup, PlanStreet’s project planning software fulfills your project needs.

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    “We would embark on this implementation again knowing what we know today. Excellent team and product!”

    Saul Valentin, Founding Principal at Collaborate LLC - Architects, Developers & Project Managers

    “The application does a lot of heavy lifting without making me feel it - I would describe the product as a light-weight option for other project management heavies. Not light-weight in capabilities but in how little it makes you to do while providing you with a full portfolio view of all projects in your organization.”

    Outi Cornette, Outi F. Cornette LLC

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