Project Planning and Management

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    Traditional Project Management

    PlanStreet’s Gantt chart project scheduling software has an immediate impact on your planning process by identifying the impacts that changes will have on your schedule. Our Gantt chart is an online software allowing for immediate updates across all platforms and users in real-time. Every aspect of project management can be implemented with PlanStreet’s Gantt chart, including:





    Forecast Cost and Revenue

    PlanStreet’s Gantt chart also recalculates task dates and dependencies automatically with the auto-scheduling function. This allows for less time spent in the weeds of the technical side of the project so that more time can be spent looking at the big picture. Setting a path to success is as easy as dropping and dragging tasks and resources.

    Here is how
    PlanStreet’s project scheduling software
    can help you


    Project scheduling software takes much of the work of an organization out of your hands. It is simple to assign tasks, allocate resources, and set timelines. If changes to timelines are made, PlanStreet’s project management software will automatically adjust dependencies and delivery times so that you won’t have to. This automation removes the tedious task of realigning timelines and gives you peace of mind that order within the plan has been preserved.


    PlanStreet’s online Gantt chart project management software is web-based and allows for collaboration across the entire team no matter where they may be located! Quick and efficient collaboration helps the team to stay on track to meet its goal. Travel, remote workspaces, and time-zones are hurdles that are much more manageable with PlanStreet.


    Project milestones mark key moments in the implication of any plan. A good project management software should make milestones easy to identify and plan around. Every team member must be able to easily to understand when deliverables are expected with a simple glance at the timeline. PlanStreet’s project management software keeps these milestones front and center.

    Real-time updates

    There is no substitute for real-time updates in project scheduling. In an ever-connected world, receiving in the moment information is critical. With teams moving away from working under a single roof, instant communication on the status of a task is becoming a standard expectation in project management software. PlanStreet’s software allows for team members, regardless of location, to know what is happening at any given moment.

    Project status

    PlanStreet’s real-time capabilities provide benefits beyond just the individual team members who are working on the project. It also facilitates relevant information to organizational stakeholders. At any point during the project implementation, stakeholders can log in to the software and view the status of specific tasks all the way up to the overall timeline of the project.

    Agile Project Management

    Product owners and Agile teams use PlanStreet’s Agile project board to carry out backlog management, release planning, and sprint planning. User Stories on PlanStreet’s planning board are committed for completion by the team, and project stakeholders collaborate and communicate using checklists, comments, and attachments. Teams have the option of using a story-point system and, or hourly allocation against each user story.

    Teams create user stories within backlog columns and can further categorize the backlog on the project planning board. Sprint management is carried out within the planning board where sprint durations, active and inactive triggers can be set at any time. Release planning is a summary board of the backlog and sprints to track the actual progress of the team. Multiple sprints can be active and worked upon at a time for various teams. Agile plan board users drag user stories between backlog and multiple sprints during the release planning process.

    Traditional and Agile Planning

    Today’s companies have multiple needs, from launching an app to designing a marketing launch to planning an international expansion. Many firms will benefit from combining both frameworks to provide the business predictability and the creative flexibility to meet ever-changing markets.

    A dual approach can help you meet multiple goals easily. Accountability and creativity can coexist using our platform. PlanStreet offers Phase & Gate approach for the project execution that helps you build project portfolio roadmaps across the organization. Whether you’re an established company or a startup, PlanStreet’s project planning software fulfills your project needs.

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