Our Traditional framework prevents failure by immediately identifying impacts to the project schedule. A dynamic Gantt chart allows you to update plans across the board with a single click, and a “smart calendar” acts as an early-warning system, identifying delays and ever-changing issues. Grid view permits you to develop enterprise project plans with phases, milestones, and detailed task breakdowns.

PlanStreet Gantt chart allows you to manage resources and estimate how much your project would cost. You can also add resources and give them specific tasks. Take a step ahead and allocate cost by the hour and time spent on the task. Gantt charts will immediately calculate project cost. Our intuitive software allows you to track and control expenses within budget.

PlanStreet automatically recalculate task dates and dependencies as part of auto scheduling. Project managers find it easy to prioritize tasks, indent and outdent by simply dragging and dropping tasks and their attributes. When critical Path is on, you get alerted about tasks that are most important for project success. It helps sequence the tasks which are critical in determining the overall duration of the project.

PlanStreet Gantt chart allows you to manage resources
PlanStreet’s Task Management

Through Street Board’s tile view, our Agile framework easily facilitates detailed release planning, backlog management, and sprint planning, and tracks team progress. User Stories have integrated checklists, threaded comments, and the ability to assign multiple team members. Story-point system informs you of team progress and velocity at a glance.

Sprints and user stories are created in the detailed release planning board in PlanStreet. User stories can only be created under backlog columns. Sprints can be created from this board and made active and inactive at any given time. Release planning also acts as a base to monitor progress in a project. Scrum Masters can have multiple sprints active at a time or just one sprint. Agile board users can use the planning board to perform release planning activities like moving stories from backlog to a sprint and between sprints.

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Traditional and Agile
Fly with Two Engines

Today’s companies have multiple needs, from launching an app to designing a marketing launch to planning an international expansion. Many firms will benefit from combining both frameworks to provide the business predictability and the creative flexibility to meet ever-changing markets.

A dual approach can help you meet multiple goals easily. Accountability and creativity can coexist using our platform. Using the Phase & Gate approach, the project execution processes helps you to build a conceptual and operational roadmap to take a new project from idea to launch. Whether you’re an established company or a startup, PlanStreet’s got you covered.

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