Project Planning

Ensure project success with automatic generation of risks and issues

Enterprise project plans

Our project planning module includes planning, scheduling and resource assignments to identify risks and deal with ever changing issues. PlanStreet uses a strong custom built Gantt chart, state of the art grid and timeline functionality to develop enterprise project plans with detailed task breakdown structures.

More free time

With PlanStreet, users have more free time to manage their team and ensure project success with automatic generation of risks and issues. It provides dynamic updates to clients and allows them to view data whichever way they want.

Work breakdown

Work breakdown functionality in PlanStreet provides clients with a detailed task resource and financial breakdown structure. Users can look at data by department, vendor, skill set, capital vs. operation expenditure, by regulatory vs. revenue vs. operational etc.

Using the Phase & Gate approach, the project execution processes helps you to build a conceptual and operational roadmap to take a new project from idea to launch.

Project phases & milestones

PlanStreet project development process can be structured into distinct, time-sequenced phases separated by management decision milestones.

Each phase is associated to a prearranged set of activities, deliverables and milestones that must be completed successfully before getting management approval to proceed to the next stage of project development.

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