Project Portfolio Management

Manage your Project Portfolio in Real-Time

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Provides the big picture

For managers or anyone heading up multiple projects, Project Portfolio Management provides a comprehensive view to manage your Project Portfolio successfully. Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is the centralized management of projects by project managers and Project Management Organizations to achieve strategic goals. It is specifically designed to assist you in executing all your projects successfully because it permits you to stay on top of every aspect, large and small. Organizations generally use it to analyze possible returns on undertaking a project. Project portfolio managers use current and prospective projects’ data to provide analysis for organizations interested in investing in new projects.

The Project Portfolio Management (PPM) process lets organizations predict possible threats and crucial measures for resolving them. Companies can then efficiently manage threats, risks and predict delays to initiate measures for damage control.

Gives the ‘health status’ of every project

PlanStreet’s Project Portfolio Management software permits you to view at a glance the “health” of each project, whether it is running behind due to the workforce or budget issues, for example, or moving full steam ahead toward completion. Besides, Project Portfolio Management allows you to quickly assess team members’ availability, workload, and allocation parameters.

Meanwhile, our “smart phase” function tracks whether project stages are unfolding as planned. Instead of needing to log into every project to find out what’s going on, Project Portfolio Management has them for you all in one place. As a result, you have a large-scale road map for managing workloads.

Centralized Resource Planning

PlanStreet's Project Portfolio Management tools provide a centralized view of all the projects and teams in one portfolio. Project Portfolio Management (PPM) addresses resource capacity and demand management across the organization. Managers have access to resource allocation across the project portfolio and prioritize work as per demand.

Financial forecasting including cost, revenue and margin analysis across project portfolio assists managers to ensure project profitability. Capital and operational costs are both accounted for in the total forecast cost. Actual labor cost and revenue are calculated based on work log and timesheets submitted.

Learn how PlanStreet’s will help you to manage Project Portfolio Management (PPM) to ensure that you stay on top of every project

We will ensure that PlanStreet will successfully execute your projects and will stay on top of every task no matter how complex or simple the project may be.