Resource Management Software

Proactively manage Team Workload

Simplified Team Management!

    Team Management Simplified

    Today’s work environments have become more and more complex, and most companies are juggling a multi-layered workforce comprised of full-time employees, contractors, and consultants, often all working together.

    PlanStreet's Resource Management Software easily manages project resource tracking and workload capacity planning. In a nutshell, resource management lets project managers know at a glance who is doing what, when, and where ensuring seamless project and resource planning.

    Enables Expert Allocation

    According to a report from the Project Management Institute, 10 percent of every dollar spent by companies is lost because of ineffective implementation of business strategy. Resource Management is designed to assist project managers with project resource tracking and allocating the right people for the right roles at the right time.

    PlanStreet is a team resource management tool that provides centralized resource and capacity management across project portfolios. Portfolio and program managers can review and edit resource workload capacity planning from the centralized team planning tool.

    Detailed, Real-Time Resource Picture

    Resource Management quickly identifies each team member’s current workload, capacity, and availability on a weekly, monthly, and even yearly basis. Constraints and restrictions for each role are clear, assisting with accurate forecasting. Resource Management skillfully assists in rebalancing teams by providing allocation alternatives. Priorities stay on course with an automatic plan-update function optimizing project and resource planning.

    With Resource Management Software, project managers gain real-time insight on project portfolio demand. Allocation trade-offs don’t need to spark project delays. Instead, resource allocation is skillfully executed using the most up-to-the-minute data.

    Understand the different ways that PlanStreet will use Resource Management to determine project resource demands

    Learn how PlanStreet's Resource Management Software will give you access to tracking workload, so you know who is doing what seamlessly.