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PlanStreet’s Sprint Board displays progress of the scrum team during a sprint. It displays the current sprint backlog showing tasks according to their status. Keep your collaboration in one place and easily manage product backlog with all stakeholders and product managers using Agile project management with Scrum.

In PlanStreet, Scrum Masters and team members decide which items need to be completed in the next sprint and how to go about it. This leads to the goal of the sprint on the Sprint Board. Product owners create User Stories in the backlog and are dragged into the active sprints by scrum masters. Every user story is written as a task in the Sprint Backlog and prioritized jointly by the team and Scrum masters. Create checklists or attachments as part of the User Stories.

Scrum masters and their team members decide on complexity of the user story and then each user story gets assigned with story points according to the complexity of the checklists. Another way to schedule user stories is to make use of resource scheduler control found within user story. Once the Sprint is closed, unfinished User Stories are moved to the backlog or can be dragged to the next Sprint.

Ideally scrum meetings and updating the Sprint Scrum Board should be held simultaneously. This would help team members update their team on the progress. It helps in visualizing the current status of the team in the Sprint and sheds light on the remaining tasks.

In PlanStreet, one of the benefits of using Sprint Scrum Board is that it allows Scrum Masters to create better collaboration within the team. Sprint Board acts a reference for both scrum team and its stakeholders. It acts as a daily reminder of Sprint goals that the work team has committed using Scrum project software.

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