Dynamic Collaboration

Street Centre is a collaboration board where teams can communicate, provide updates and manage their day at work. Every project has a dedicated Street Centre site, which is automatically created once you create a project. Departments, divisions and practices can also have their own dedicated Street Centre sites.

Kanban Task Board

Task Centre is one of the key components of the Street Centre where tasks are displayed on a Kanban board along with a timeline view. Team members can view, plan and execute tasks while collaborating and communicating with other team members.

Frames & Stickies

Street Board is a subset of the Task Centre where members can create frames and sticky notes for urgent issues, risks, checklists and discussions. These frames can be linked to the tasks assigned and members can be tagged for open and better collaboration.

Shared Scheduling

Street Centre scheduling provides a robust calendar sharing functionality between various teams. You can drag and drop resources with whom you want to share your calendar. The shared calendar includes daily, weekly, monthly schedules including tasks, appointments and meetings.

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