Street Financials comprehensive insight of a project budget
Maximum Financial Transparency

Street Financials consists of project financial management tools providing comprehensive insight into project budgeting and forecasting. Users are provided everything from a broad overview to an outline of every cost category (operational vs. capital, etc.).

With Street Financials, all your costs and expenses are accounted for, creating maximum transparency. As a result, portfolio and program managers can clearly identify financial inconsistencies and adjust accordingly utilizing PlanStreet’s project portfolio financial management.

Labor-Cost Forecasting

When confusion reigns around project budgeting and forecasting, labor costs often balloon out of control. Street Financials prevents such a scenario. Its project forecasting tools coordinate with the tasks outlined in PlanStreet’s project planning calendar.

Project budgeting and forecasting takes into account every expense and expenditure involved, including operational and capital costs. With Street Financials, decisions around the present and future resource utilization are made easy because labor and employee costs are apparent.

Real-Time Financial Tracking

Street Financials tracks costs in real-time, based on work logs in the My Street module and provides an expense tracker for teams across project portfolios. Project managers and accountants can keep track of material cost and benefits using budget expense tracker, as well as segregate financials based on various elements and entries.

Street Financials’ high-tech project budget tracking function comes with pre-configured options that permit managers to set up limits on workflow. This function, visible to executive leadership, provides the right tools for project cost and budget tracking.

At the end of the day, Street Financials keeps projects on track and within budget, and it is compatible with leading financial systems.

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