Street Portfolio - Portfolio in real time
Provides the big picture

For managers or anyone heading up multiple projects, Street Portfolio provides a comprehensive view of what is happening with each one. Street Portfolio is specifically designed to assist you in executing all your projects successfully because it permits you to stay on top of every aspect, large and small.

Gives the ‘health status’ of every project

PlanStreet’s Street Portfolio permits you to view at a glance the “health” of each project, whether it is running behind due to workforce or budget issues, for example, or moving full steam ahead toward completion. In addition, Street Portfolio allows you to quickly assess team members’ availability, workload, and allocation parameters.

Meanwhile, our “smart phase” function tracks whether project stages are unfolding as planned. Instead of needing to log into every project to find out what’s going on, Street Portfolio has them for you all in one place. As a result, you have a large-scale road map for managing workloads.

Centralized capacity planning

A familiar saying goes, “The devil is in the details.” But with Street Portfolio, details are always transparent and as a result, teams are easily managed. Whether you need to see how much time has been tracked or how well it is being allocated, Street Portfolio helps you manage both demand and capacity. By doing so, costs are kept in line and efficiency increased.

In addition, predictive analysis assists you in financial forecasting. We designed Street Portfolio to help you skillfully reach every project’s destination, on time and within budget.

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