Strategic road mapping

PlanStreet’s Portfolio software is much more than just project management at a large scale. Portfolio management is concerned with making sure that the organization succeeds in achieving goals that have been set through execution of projects. The system provides you with information that you need to increase your chances of delivering a successful portfolio. Users can decide whether they want to view data by department, project type or by resource.

Predictive analysis

Street Portfolio contains a smart phase and gate functionality to add formal control processes to the client’s portfolio. Phase evaluation can be conducted with in-depth visibility for the stakeholders while maintaining organizational compliance for internal and external resources making sure that initiatives succeed.

Centralized capacity planning

Street Portfolio proactively manages and allocates resources by enabling stakeholders to focus on demand and capacity planning. Time tracking of the entire portfolio helps in improving organizational performance and ensures efficiency of teams. Financial tracking, including budgeting and forecasting and expense management of billable and non billable, is a core component of Street Portfolio.

Project ROI

Project Return on Investment (ROI) is managed and tracked using a configurable dashboard and out of the box reports. Street Centre dashboard provides real time information that makes it easy to obtain the desired detail.

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