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Hybrid approach towards Task Management

    Success is imminent when every task is accomplished using PlanStreet’s enterprise task tracking software

    PlanStreet’s professional task management software is trendy among project managers as it helps them become more productive. It reduces the time fixed for setting priorities and encourages customers to make use of the art of delegation.

    The calendar-based task manager can help individuals or groups of individuals achieve goals, collaborate, and share knowledge to accomplish their goals. PlanStreet’s enterprise task tracking software assists in managing tasks throughout the project life cycle. Many individuals rely on staff task management to help them when it comes to prioritizing tasks using the project task board. It is a step-by-step process that involves planning, testing, tracking, and then reporting.

    Employee Task Management

    Employee Kanban board is accessible for each team member to review and perform tasks across projects within the project task board. Employees can easily filter tasks between projects, change task status categories, update checklists, and post comments. Project managers get real-time progress updates and collaborate with team members.

    Employees can flag and unflag tasks that have issues or require further clarification within staff task management to avoid surprises and delay in schedule.

    Project stakeholders use employee task management system as an early-warning system and collaboration tool to identify and address issues and risks.

    Time Tracking Software

    PlanStreet’s daily work log allows team members to record time against work done across projects. The daily task log feature streamlines work in task management and provides flexibility in submitting timesheet log.

    Timesheets are automatically filled with the daily work log generating timesheets at the specified frequency using the time tracking software. Employees can review and adjust the daily task log and timesheet log before submission.

    Time tracking software lets employees submit project or non-project based timesheets. Project time tracking ensures that all scenarios are accounted for, whether employees are executing tasks, attending events, conference calls, or traveling to customer sites.

    Task Scheduling Software

    PlanStreet’s project scheduling software consists of team task management and employee scheduling software. Tasks, employee schedules, appointments, and meetings are all accessible in the calendar view of choice. Project managers and team members easily coordinate assigned tasks, issues, and risks to ensure timely delivery.

    Project managers utilize the project management scheduling software to modify employee schedules in real-time to ensure flexible employee shifts and assignments. Employee scheduling software provides a multi-dimensional view of employee capacity, demand, allocation and task work log.

    Our hybrid approach towards task management

    Businesses nowadays have multiple needs across various teams, from product development to infrastructure deployment to designing a marketing campaign to delivering international projects. PlanStreet’s project portfolio management (PPM) allows portfolio and project managers across teams to create and manage their projects and tasks in both Traditional and Agile frameworks. Firms with multiple teams benefit from combining the two frameworks to provide business certainty and on-time creative delivery of projects.

    A hybrid project management approach helps you meet specific goals smoothly across teams. Using the online Gantt chart and Agile board, the hybrid project management tools assist you in building a conceptual and operational roadmap to take a new project from idea to launch. Whether you are a startup, mid-size firm, or a large corporation, PlanStreet’s project portfolio management got you covered.

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