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Task management is very important among managers as it helps them become more productive. It reduces the time fixed for setting priorities and encourages customers to make use of the art of delegation.

Task management can help individual or groups of individuals achieve goals, collaborate and share knowledge to accomplish their goals. It is a process that details how tasks are managed throughout its life cycle. Many individuals rely on task management to help them when it comes to prioritizing tasks. It is a step-by-step process that involves planning, testing, tracking, and then reporting.

Employee Task Management

Team members can view and execute tasks for all the projects assigned to them via a personal Kanban board. The board provides four drag-and-drop status categories—To Do, In Progress, Done, and Flagged—from which project managers can receive updates in real time.

Task management acts as an early-warning system for managers when problems arise, and it facilitates timely communication in order to solve them.

My Street acts as an early-warning system for managers when problems arise, and it facilitates timely communication in order to solve them.

Time Tracking

Team members log time against tasks, not against projects. This unique PlanStreet feature streamlines work in task management, because there’s no need to log into individual projects via a clunky interface in order to track time.

Work logs automatically roll up to a time sheet, which can be generated daily, weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly depending on each organization’s preference. Employees can review and adjust time sheets, if necessary, before submission.

Time sheets can also be project or non-project based, depending on need. Every scenario is accounted for, whether a team member is executing a task, attending a conference, consulting on contract, etc.


PlanStreet’s easy-to-use schedule function for task management displays tasks, appointments, and meetings in one consolidated view on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Team members can easily coordinate every aspect of work, including time off, thus avoiding project disruption.

Meanwhile, project managers have real-time access to each team member’s individual calendar in order to make assignments and plan overall capacity.

Our dual approach towards task management

Today’s companies have multiple needs, from launching an app to designing a marketing launch to planning an international expansion. In PlanStreet, project managers can create and manage tasks in both traditional and agile frameworks. Many firms will benefit from combining both frameworks to provide the business predictability and the creative flexibility to meet ever-changing markets.

A dual approach in task management can help you meet multiple goals easily. Using the Phase & Gate approach, the project execution processes helps you to build a conceptual and operational roadmap to take a new project from idea to launch. Whether you’re an established company or a startup, PlanStreet’s got you covered.

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