Team Collaboration

Smooth Collaboration with on-site and remote teams

    Dynamic Team Collaboration

    PlanStreet provides a team collaboration portal where teams and clients can communicate, provide updates to each other, and skillfully manage their day at work. Every project with PlanStreet has a dedicated team site, which acts as a team project tracker.

    Team collaboration portal ensures that teams know, at all times, what is happening with a project. It is especially valuable when working with remote teams in multiple time zones where accurate, reliable, and up-to-date information is essential. With the team collaboration portal, everyone stays connected, utilizing team project management tools.

    Task Boards and Timelines

    Whether you’re using an Agile project management approach or a traditional one, PlanStreet's team collaboration portal got you covered by providing online team management tools. For Agile project management, the team collaboration portal makes active sprints visible on the Agile task board to every member of the team for input, feedback, and comments. From this central team task board, team members can interact without affecting the overarching strategic project plan. As a result, iteration is advanced, and disorganization prevented.

    For a traditional project management approach, the team collaboration portal provides project timelines as part of team project management tools, where teams can see the status of the entire project rather than solely the status of their tasks.

    Team Scheduler

    PlanStreet’s team collaboration portal provides robust calendar sharing between teams. The shared calendar includes daily, weekly, and monthly schedules that also show tasks, appointments, and meetings. Invites can be sent easily, and when team members are assigned a task, the calendar is simultaneously updated.

    Team collaboration portal permits project managers to know at a glance whether or not team members are available. This crystal-clear picture of team engagement enables optimal resource management. It also helps managers to balance a flexible labor force in both the short and long term.

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