Time & Expense Tracking

Employee timesheets ensures project success

Travel expense tracking made easy

    Improve team productivity and deliver superior results with efficient Time and Expense Tracking. PlanStreet allows you to estimate project expenses efficiently using the time and expense app, avoid overspending, and deliver projects on time, thus helping you make your projects more profitable.

    Worklog against tasks

    PlanStreet enables you to see the activities logged against team members doing the tasks. It ensures that everyone on the team knows who is doing what, thereby avoiding confusion and overlapping of various tasks involved in a project. Worklog against tasks also ensures the right utilization of your time and effort. PlanStreet’s time tracking software helps you keep track of each task, its status, and lets you know whether the time spent is billable or not, in case your organization or enterprise charges based on time.

    Timesheets for a period

    Track the time you efficiently spend with timesheet tool and get clarity on your team progress. Worklogs in PlanStreet automatically gets transferred to a timesheet. You can estimate the time required to complete each task and also keep a record of the same. Increase the efficiency of your work by putting efforts on the right task. If your organization charges clients based on time, this is an essential feature for billing. PlanStreet’s timesheet and expenses app also boost your chances of completing projects before deadlines. Timesheets are also a rich source of data for project managers to manage teams effectively.

    Timesheet for specific projects

    With PlanStreet’s timesheet software, users can have different timesheets for particular projects. Project managers can know which task is being done and by whom. PlanStreet helps project managers know of outstanding tasks, overlapping overburdened team members, and reallocation. Timesheet tools for each project also help you identify which tasks are running past their schedule. Moreover, you can save time and effort by channeling them in the right direction, boosting the success rate of your projects. Transparency is vital in every project. You would be able to tackle the same when every team member knows who is working on which task and the duration it will take for their completion.

    Employee expense management

    Project expense management is a critical factor for any project and is a measure of the success rate. PlanStreet provides users with an employee expense tracking app. These tools help in tracking employee expenses, requests, and approvals for each project. Project managers can know-how and what each team member spends throughout the process, and it helps in making sure that your project does not overrun the specified budget. PlanStreet’s travel & expense management software helps you in the closest estimation of the necessary travel budget for each project phase. PlanStreet acts as employee expense reimbursement software and provides the option of expense receipt uploading in the cloud, so you never lose track of spending.

    Learn how Time and Expense Tracking will help you become more efficient with your day to day tasks

    We are positive that time and expense tracking will help you and your team deliver projects on time and within budget.