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Online Gantt Chart Software

As a project manager, your task is to organize your team and get the job done on schedule. On your own, it can be challenging to keep track of who is handling what piece of the project. PlanStreet’s dynamic Gantt chart software enables the entire team to deliver tasks and projects on time. The Gantt chart software will adjust to variations from the original plan. If you are looking for Project Management or Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solution, our Gantt Chart software has got you covered.

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Scaled Agile Project Management

We can help you whether you use Kanban and Scrum Boards for a project or are looking to scale Agile for your enterprise project portfolio planning. Our Agile Project Portfolio Management (PPM) platform lets you see the big picture while also showing you the individual backlog and Sprints for each project. With our Scaled Agile, you can see backlog and active sprints across the enterprise using the Kanban board. Teams can review their committed tasks and update their task status on the personal Kanban board.

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Manage your teams, not your tools

Fast-growing companies and those working with onsite and remote teams have multiple needs. PlanStreet's Gantt chart and Kanban board are designed to facilitate your projects with ease and efficiency.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Software Features


Project Planning and Management

Gantt chart and Kanban board provide project managers options to use either framework to optimize project plans for ever-changing needs.

Resource Management

Centralized resource allocation assist in meeting resource demand across the project portfolio and ensures optimized scheduling of teams using Gantt chart.

Project Financial Management

Financial forecasting helps with accurate cost and revenue estimates. Gantt charts track actual cost and track budget to ensure projects are delivered within budget.

Team Collaboration

Agile communication between teams using Scrum board allows everyone to be on the same page at all times. Hence, client communication is always clear and up-to-date.

Learn how our Gantt Chart and Kanban Board can help you

We’re positive PlanStreet will help you and your team(s) plan, execute, and track work.