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    PlanStreet works for you so your team can work for your clients

    The most important work

    There is perhaps no greater work done in our society than the work conducted by those who help others in need. Health and patient service organizations utilize PlanStreet to provide invaluable help to families, children, the elderly, and many, many other populations as they navigate the complex world of health care.

    Role of Health and Patient
    Services Organizations

    Health and patient service organizations serve as intermediaries and advocate on behalf of their clients. They are instrumental in making sure that populations in need of assistance are able to get the funds, care, and understanding they need to better their lives. Examples of the life-changing programs that health and patient service organizations provide include but aren’t limited to Maternal Infant Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) and Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grants (SABG).

    A key tool that health services organizations use in care management is patient care management software. So, what exactly is patient services case management software and how does it benefit an organization?

    Treatment Plans are Essential for Wellness

    PlanStreet understands that Patient Care is very important.

    Your time should be devoted to care management. Too much time processing paperwork means the patient isn’t the full focus. With PlanStreet’s health care case management software, patient care and health services can be simplified, updated in real-time, and shared by the health services organizations involved in each individual’s case. All care management team members can see the entire case at a glance. Go right to the area you need to view or complete with tremendous ease. Nothing is ever more than a click away.

    Treatment Plans are a very essential aspect of all patient care programs.

    Without treatment, no one gets better. PlanStreet’s ability to include treatment plans ensures your patient will get the continued care they desperately need. Despite the age of your patient, everyone needs a plan. That plan is PlanStreet!

    All health care case management software is not created equal.

    PlanStreet’s goals are the same as yours; advocacy for those in need of assistance with the utmost accuracy and organization. Reporting is fully customizable for anyone needing patient progress, demographics, referrals and any other information needed. Stakeholders and health care providers will never be out of the loop. PlanStreet is the ultimate patient care management software. PlanStreet is fully integrated to do everything including intake, scheduling, calendar management, payment processing and billing without the need for external programs. All data is safe and secure, and fully HIPAA compliant. PlanStreet is the only tool you’ll ever need. Do what you would like done for yourself. Commit to being that caring team that ensures everything will go well and get you on the road to good health and recovery. When you use PlanStreet, people know you care.

    Case Management for Medicaid Providers

    PlanStreet is uniquely positioned to help Medicaid waiver provider agencies providing case management services for the Children’s Home and Community Based Services (CHCBS) Medicaid Waiver and In-Home Support Services (IHSS) Benefits and address their complicated billing needs. By streamlining automating laborious paperwork processes, PlanStreet can give your organization back some of its valuable time to spend on the important things: your clients.


    PlanStreet offers tools to assess how staff hours are utilized and how you can make the most of the resources you have.


    Understanding what payments were authorized and what payments are invoiced is critical. PlanStreet helps you keep this data organized.

    PlanStreet is flexible and is compatible with all waiver types including, but not limited to, Level 1, individual options, and self waivers.


    Your staff is your most valuable asset and PlanStreet helps you manage time, schedules, and payroll expenses through automation.


    Keeping track of billable vs non-billable hours is an ongoing responsibility and can efficiently calculate your payroll hours.

    Benefits of Health and Patient Services Software

    The decision to implement a patient service case management software is a big one. It is a decision to commit resources to the efficiency and future of your team. An investment in a versatile and deep case management software is an investment in your team.

    The benefits of a robust patient services software include:

    PlanStreet Case Management Solutions Designed for
    Health and Patient Management Services

    PlanStreet offers a variety of highly customizable case management solutions for industries of all types. Our health and patient management services case management software is designed to be flexible to play to your team’s unique structure and abilities.

    The health services industry is unique and our goal is to provide a tool that can address the very specific needs that your team will encounter on its journey to help clients improve their lives.

    Key features of PlanStreet’s case management software for health and patient management services include:

    • Intake

      This is the initial phase of case management work and consists of creating a client profile. At this stage, the case worker gathers the demographic information that will be needed and assesses the unique needs of the client. PlanStreet can help you organize this information into structured, easily accessed data points. Get the client information you need via their client profile!
    • Scheduling and calendar

      Case managers have a schedule that is full of moving pieces. PlanStreet provides scheduling and calendar tools to organize plans, book meetings, and track deadlines.
    • Payment processing

      PlanStreet’s case management solutions software provides secure, online payment methods via credit card or PayPal.
    • Enhanced billing

      With private and secure invoicing, clients have access to their billing statements and can opt to receive notifications for payments that are due. Clients are also able to make their payments by logging into their personalized portal. The entire billing process is streamlined!
    • Progress notes

      Tracking client progress and status is critical. PlanStreet allows you to track your client’s process from start to finish with notes that are as detailed and organized as you need them to be. Get a clear picture of your client’s history in a matter of minutes.
    • Virtual workspaces

      The modern office is wherever you happen to be at the moment. PlanStreet knows this and is designed for you to take the information you need where you need it. Our web based platform allows you - or anyone from your team - to access client information at home, in the office, or on the road.

    PlanStreet is the tool you need

    Give your team a solution that will automate processes and allow them spend more time doing what they do best: improving the lives of your clients. PlanStreet is an investment in both your team and in your clients.

    Learn how our Health and Patient Service Case Management can help you

    We’re positive PlanStreet will help you and your team(s) plan, execute, and track work.