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Case Management Software for Child and Family Services Organizations

The work that your organization does to help children and families is vitally important. Plan-Street’s case management software provides a safe and secure platform designed to streamline your workflow and give you back the much needed time that could be spent with clients. A few extra hours of time to spend one-on-one with a child or with a family can make all the difference in reaching their goals. Utilizing a robust case management software can

improve efficiency and automate processes giving your team of case managers more time to pursue the aspects of child and family service work they are passionate about. Child welfare, foster care, child protective services, and adoption services are some of the most important work conducted in our society. The case managers servicing these areas need the best tools available.

Why Child and Family Services Organizations
Need Case Management Software

Case managers and social workers need access to a case management system to aide them in providing whole-person and child and family service management by streamlining and simplifying clerical and administrative tasks. In today’s social work environment, a case worker often struggles balance time between a multitude of clients.

With an increase in clients comes an increase in burdensome paperwork and administrative responsibilities. This aspect of child and family service work is integral to ensuring continuity, thoroughness, and if needed, a smooth transfer of case work. While administrative work is important, the trade-off it requires is the investment of valuable time.


A tremendous amount of data is accumulated in the social services field. Medical documentation, case notes, demographic information, shared data, youth tracking, child welfare documents, and more are all input and may or may not be accessed at any given time. Child and family service organizations can utilize a case management system to organize this information into usable formats. Think of this as an automated filing cabinet where information is dumped into intuitive categories.


Data security and privacy are of paramount concern in the social service industry. As discussed in the organization topic above, a lot of data is generated and willfully handed over to case managers in the course of a project. Clients trust that social workers will maintain this data and protect their privacy. Case management software is designed with the child and family service industry in mind.

Increased Productivity

Automation and streamlining of processes frees up administrative time to be used for on-the-ground time with clients and their families. An efficient social service organization will be able to work with more clients at a higher level of service.

Virtual Centralization


Being able to upload data and access it from anywhere is the new standard in case management. Case workers often have virtual offices and end up working in their homes, coffee shops, or even out of their cars. Having information stored in one single, easily accessible place is what makes this happen. Child and family service organizations need a case management system they can trust to be a central depository for everything their case workers need.

Key Components of Case Management

Case management software provides resources to guide case managers and social workers through four very important steps of the case management process: intake, needs assessment, service planning, and monitoring and evaluation.

The initiation phase

The first step when taking on a new client in child and family services is the intake of information. In this step, the case manager gathers as much information about the client as possible with the goal of forming a complete picture. This is typically done in a face-to-face meeting where the manager gathers demographics, important documents, and initial discus-sions on what the client’s needs are. Case management software goes a long way toward streamlining this process and organizing information during intake.

Needs Assessment

The information gathered in the initial intake step is expounded upon and a mutual understanding of the client’s needs. At this stage, both the social worker and the client get on the same page about the end goal and the challenges that could be ahead.

Service Planning

Once a shared goal is established between the social worker and the client, the roadmap for how to get there becomes the focus. The case worker considers each piece of information at their disposal and can use a case management software to plot specific and measurable steps that can be taken. This creates an easily accessed and visual representation of the plan.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Keeping a close eye on progress is essential for two reasons. First, this step will provide an unbiased look at how much progress is being made.Tracking steps in real-time allows for adjustments to be made in the moment if it becomes clear that something isn’t working. No matter how well thought out a plan is, eventually, an unplanned event will throw a wrench in the works and force an adjustment to be made. Second, monitoring and evaluation provides a more long-term benefit through hindsight. Child and family services organizations can look backward and analyze cases to see how different approaches have performed historically. Taking this approach, case managers can weed out ineffective practices and focus on the steps that are yielding substantive changes.

Case management software for social service agencies helps with each step of this process but it will particularly shine during the intake and monitoring and evaluation stages. Having safe, secure, and compliant tool to store confidential client information in the intake process is invaluable. Likewise, the ability to look back over the history of cases for best practices can improve an organizations effectiveness virtually over night.

PlanStreet Case Management Software for
Child and Family Services Organizations

PlanStreet has a proven track record of providing high quality, safe, and secure case management solutions for a variety of industries. Our goal is make the work of case managers and social workers streamlined so that their essential work is not overburdened with administrative tasks.
PlanStreet’s case management software uses the industry standard Microsoft Azure cloud plat-form which provides security and scalability for any organization. And, of course, the case management software is HIPPA compliant.

Features and Benefits of Our Software

Ability to adapt

A key feature that sets PlanStreet apart from the rest of the crowd is its ability to adapt to changing process, trends, and individual needs. This flexibility keeps child and family services organizations poised to tackle their specific situations.

Fosters results oriented process

Being able to easily access past case files and projects helps organizations sort through what works and what doesn’t. There is no more valuable tool for this than one that can immediately display past information with a few keystrokes.

Cloud-base management

PlanStreet’s case management software is a completely cloud base software allowing various members of a team to login anytime, anywhere to check in on the status of a project, contribute new information, or get up-to-speed before meeting with a client or their family.

Reports to maximize effectiveness

PlanStreet’s versatile case management software provides a suite of reports that will aide child and family service organizations see stories of success, room for improvement, instances of fraud, and any compliance issues. PlanStreet’s case management software delivers user friendly reports that are accessible and easily understood by any stakeholder at any level.

Safety and security

By regularly backing up files through an automated process, case workers can be assured the information of the clients and their families are safe and secure. We know your clients trust you and we go to great lengths to foster that trust.

Important work deserves the best tools

Learn how our Child and Family Service Case Management can help you

We’re positive PlanStreet will help you and your team(s) plan, execute, and track work.