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Optimize Client Engagement & Program Management

Re-entry programs, homeless management, child & family care, health & patient services, donor management, and affordable housing- all under one roof!

The tool you need to get more out of your organization

Saves you time

The best resource that a case manager can give their clients is time - a commodity that always seems to be at a premium. PlanStreet’s cloud-based case management software automates tasks and streamlines processes so that your team of case managers can spend more time with clients.

Attract more funding

Non-profit organizations are continuously seeking to get more out of their limited funds. PlanStreet’s robust case management software helps identify where your team is most efficient and where there are opportunities to improve. This allows you to attract more funding and show stakeholders you take your mission seriously.

Adaptable to your needs

Perhaps one of PlanStreet’s greatest strengths is software’s ability to grow and flex to your current needs. Highly customizable user interfaces, custom reports, and a full scale offering of services that include grant management, donor management, collaboration, and task management allow for PlanStreet to optimize any part of your organization when you need it.

Secure and centralized

We at PlanStreet value our clientele and go to great lengths to protect your business and clients. Our cloud-based applications are HIPAA compliant secure and provide a reliable environment. Our tech experts regularly monitor the infrastructure for potential threats and issue internal security evaluation. You can rest assured that your case management information is safe.

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