Complete Visibility and Control over Inventory

Inventory Management

What is inventory management?

Inventory management is a critical component of operations for many social services and non-profits, especially those that often deal with donations in kind and disbursements for vulnerable groups such as the homeless. There is a need for systems connecting donors to receivers and record keeping.

PlanStreet's Inventory management software simplifies inventory management and maintenance while automating ledgers, stock updates, and speeding up disbursements. 

With PlanStreet, you can expect the following:

Quick disbursement using QR codes

PlanStreet will create QR codes for all products in stock, allowing you to scan them to allocate donations to specific clients. This can be done from within your case files or separately from within your inventory records.


Easily record all stocks being added to inventory, differentiating them by type, weight, quantity, description, date of expiration, etc.


The automated intake process, quick and efficient needs assessment, and easy outcome tracking make PlanStreet an intelligent choice for inventory management and client disbursements.



Rid your organization of burdensome paper documentation and step into a world of instant access, constant back-ups, and organization.

Dashboards and

With our user-friendly interface and dashboards tailored to your requirements, you can organize data, access cases, and create professional-looking reports that can easily display donations, inventory, and staffing.


Have real-time, up-to-date information about what items are available in stock by product name, bar codes, weight, quantity, and even description.

All donations are valuable when used in the right circumstances. Having a system that records all incoming items, updates stock levels automatically when items are disbursed, raises alerts when specific stocks are running low and need re-ordering, and creates ledgers for inventory automatically is efficient and resourceful in managing collections and disbursements of items that may be very useful to those receiving them.

If you wish to achieve efficiency in your inventory management, book a call for more details on how PlanStreet can help you.

Successfully execute your cases with PlanStreet and stay on top of every activity.