A dynamic street smart project, portfolio management and team collaboration tool.

PlanStreet Inc. is a next generation software development firm, launching a dynamic street smart project management, portfolio management and team collaboration tool. Our headquarters, and main development center, are based in Lexington, Kentucky. The concept behind PlanStreet is to automate project management so that project managers can focus on quality of work and client engagement instead of investing time in redundant tasks such as updating and maintaining project plans and schedules.

The PlanStreet team consists of experienced project managers and leaders from various industries who have contributed to the design and testing of the application. That is why our software reflects various project management approaches and methodologies.

Deployment Services

We offer implementation, configuration and personalization services for enterprise customers across industries. Customers have an option to choose from basic to advanced services packages where our team configures the application as per client’s business requirements. It is also seen as an opportunity for clients to optimize their project management business processes.

Support Services

PlanStreet uses predefined Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 approved templates for incident and problem management whereby an end user can identify the priority of the problem.