About us!

Our goal is to help you take project managment to next level

PlanStreet Inc. is a next-generation software development firm. It all started in Lexington, Kentucky, in the heart of horse country, where we began developing an online platform that provides the best of both worlds of Project Management including scaled Agile, and Gantt chart software. Our platform manages all your needs when it comes to Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and Team Collaboration. We designed PlanStreet specifically to automate project management. By doing so, project managers can focus on the quality of work and client engagement instead of investing time in redundant tasks such as updating/maintaining project plans and schedules.

The PlanStreet team consists of experienced project managers and leaders from various industries having Agile and Traditional project management experience. We now have remote teams working in multiple states. We know what it takes to execute a large complex project from start to finish. We have extensively worked on scaling Agile for tech and nontech firms. The similar experience and flexibility reflect in our flagship Agile and Gantt chart products. We want you, as a Kentucky Derby trainer might say, to cross the wire in the first place.

Add-On Services

We offer implementation, configuration, and personalization services for enterprise customers across multiple industries.

Clients have the option to choose from basic packages to advanced ones, where we configure our platform to your specifications. We’re also here to help you optimize your processes when it comes to project management, including training in the Agile approach.