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Case Management

What is Case Management?

Case management is the collaborative process of meeting a client’s health and human service needs. Case management is used across a variety of health and human service disciplines and involves assessing a client’s needs, creating a plan, implementing the agreed upon plan, coordinating resources, monitoring progress, and evaluating options for adjustment when needed.

What is Case Management Software?

Case management software is a centralized hub for your client data. Contact information, case notes, appointment scheduling, billing, bill payment, and client communication data is stored in one collaborative space that is accessible to anyone in your organization anywhere they are.

Who should use case management software

A versatile and customizable case management software can be used across a variety of disciplines including, but not limited to, law firms, doctors, offices, social service organizations, and non-profit health organizations. Case management software is an essential tool for collaboration and organization.

Why should my organization use case management services?

Case management services is a proven way to make organizations more efficient and effective with the aim of making the end goal - client wellness - far more achievable. The case management service process advocates, communicates, and engages resources in a way that provides maximum benefit for clients.

What is a HMIS program?

Homeless Management Information Systems are used by non-profit and non-governmental organizations to collect, organize, and utilize the private and confidential information of local homeless populations. HMIS was initially developed to comply with a Congressional mandate that organizations receiving federal funds to help homeless populations gather and maintain a common data set.

The goal of developing a HMIS is to discern a clear understanding of the prevalence of homeless and to better track client service needs over time.

What is HMIS software?

A Homeless Management Information Software (HMIS) is platform used to collect specific client level data that can be extrapolated to assess both individual and regional needs for housing services to homeless individuals and families. All HMIS is required to maintain a common set of information as mandated by the United States Congress.

Who should use HMIS software?

HMIS software is for health professionals, non-profit organizations, and local stake holders who want to make evidence-based policy decisions, be effective in planning, and honestly evaluate the efficacy of health programs. HMIS software fosters effectiveness and ensures responsible use of resources at all levels of the health system.

What does it mean to be HIPAA compliant?

IT professionals are HIPAA compliant when they have implemented policies and procedures for securing confidential client and ensuring that these policies and procedures are being followed. IT professionals should be knowledgeable about HIPAA guidelines, how it affects their business, and the impact it has on clients. Additionally, IT professionals should be diligent about record keeping and documentation.

What is a reentry program?

Reentry programs are intended to facilitate a safe, effective, and successful return to society after incarcerations. Reentry courts work with these programs in an effort to reduce recidivism - the tendency of criminals to reoffend after release - with the ultimate goals of improving public safety, saving money, and empowering individuals to maximize their potential post incarceration.

What is reentry program software

Reentry software is a case management systems that customized specifically for the needs of reentry program case managers. This software stores demographic information, tracks program involvement and attendance, documents meetings and strategies, and creates templates for personalized individual case plans. One of the most effective features of reentry software is the interactive portal allowing for clients to upload documents, check status, and update important information as needed.

Who should use reentry software?

Any social work professional working with recently released incarcerated populations, veterans, or other disadvantaged populations should consider utilizing a robust reentry software. These programs greatly enhance efficiency and organization in a field where both are keys to success.

How are billing records tracked?

The invoice module is designed to make invoice create simple and quick. Billing periods can be easily identified and executed. Invoice numbers, coding, and billing type categorization help to organize invoices and expedite payments.

What is an intake form?

Intake forms are customized checklists of information used in the initial meeting with clients. These forms capture demographic information as well as behavioral, academic, and socio-economic data that may be helpful in creating an individualized plan for a client.

How can I create a case?

PlanStreet makes case creation simple and user friendly. This function is found with the following path: Case Management > Add > Enter Required Information > Click Save.

Can I create a customized form?

Yes. PlanStreet’s case management system excels in its flexibility and customization. Forms can be developed to meet every organization’s specific needs.

Can I Create a Client Portal?

Yes. Client portals are almost a prerequisite for any effective case management system these days. PlanStreet’s client portals can execute billing and invoicing, facilitate scheduling with clients, and allow both parties to update information as needed.

Will PlanStreet integrate with other apps?

PlanStreet is very flexible and integrates with the entire Google Suite, Microsoft Teams, QuickBooks, Elation Health, Microfocus Content Manager and Microsoft Office 365.

Does PlanStreet feature case finance tracking?

Yes. At the end of the day, your organization needs accurate accounting to stay operations. PlanStreet’s case finance tools help with budgeting, costs, and revenue.

Can I receive and send text messages.

Yes. PlanStreet provides a secure method for sending and receiving text messages to clients and team members.

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