Frequently Asked Questions

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1What is PlanStreet?

PlanStreet offers a project management and collaboration software that is a combination of creative features and functionality. Tailored to suit your project management requirements, PlanStreet smoothly schedules work, manages resources and tracks budgets. It enables members to increase performance by tracking assigned actions, raising and managing issues and developing project documentation.

The software offers a strong phase and milestone functionality that permits team members and project members to review the project progress at any stage. Members can monitor work progress and collaborate against assigned tasks.

2Why should I give up on traditional project management tools?

Traditional project management tools are project manager centric and lack the real-time dynamic updates of schedules based on actual work done.

PlanStreet, however is a cloud-based SAS product with friendly user interface and is configured as per each clients personalized requirements. It has a unique set of functions that allow clients to define how they need to manage portfolio, programs, and projects in their organization. PlanStreet offers open APIs for integration to most industry leading ERPs and enterprise applications.

3How do I purchase PlanStreet?

Our Sales and solution team is available to work with you and recommend the right plan for you. Request a demo.

4Do I need to purchase license for all members of my team?

PlanStreet offers two types of licenses for Project Managers and team members offering collaboration and communication between project stakeholders. We believe teams work better when they have access to project planning and can contribute much more towards optimized project delivery. Team members would get access to MyStreet and Street Center while Project Managers have full access to all the modules. Please refer to pricing page.

5Do I pay extra for users with different permission levels?

No! To streamline pricing and keep costs projected, PlanStreet offers same pricing across permission levels. You can set the desired permissions for every user (at both the organization and project level) without having to pay anything extra.

6Do you offer Support services?

Yes, we offer product deployment/configuration and support services to new and existing customers. We believe in a long term partnership and offer a periodic health check services to all existing customers.

Learn how Planstreet can help your team collaborate

Planstreet can streamline the way your teams work. Eliminate the gap between project planning and execution. If you are planning to run a successful enterprise, you are at the right street. One of our experts will walk through our live demo with you.