Grant Management Software


For Nonprofits to Streamline
and Manage Grant Programs

Manage everything regarding grants and private donations from contacts, budgeting, disbursing, and everything in between.

What PlanStreet
Grant Management Software

can do for you

The reality for most non-profit organizations is that without the generous grants and donations, there is no way they can complete their mission. Though oftentimes, getting the initial grant is one of the easier parts.

To continue getting paramount resources, organizations need to make sure all of their funds are being disbursed and used, as well as keeping in expansive contact with stakeholders.

Though arduous, these tasks are nearly impossible to avoid. This is why Planstreet wants to make it as simple as possible with our Grant Management Software

Key Features of Grant Management

Key Features of Contact Management

PlanStreet is poised to streamline your fundraising efforts, facilitate communication with donors, and retain your donor base.

Successfully execute your cases, reports and donations with PlanStreet and stay on top of every activity.

PlanStreet’s Grant Management Software ensures that you manage each case efficiently

Successfully execute your projects with PlanStreet and stay on top of every activity.