Non-profit Client Portal

Social, Human and Patient Services

PlanStreet’s client portal provides a way for your non-profit organization to share and streamline information with clients

These portals arm clients with the critical information they need when they need it. They make communication between non-profit organizations and their clients more efficient. One-stop-shop web services are a necessary part of doing business today and PlanStreet’s non-profit client portals help set the standard.

How can PlanStreet’s non-profit client portal help your organization?

Key Features

Client Portal Security

Keeping client data secure is a top priority. PlanStreet uses a data encryption and permissions to make sure that only those authorized to have client data have access to it. Your non-profit organization’s reputation and your ability to serve society depend largely on your ability to earn and maintain public trust. Client data security is the first step.

Document Collaboration

The ability to instantly share and collaborate on documents is a key feature of PlanStreet’s client portal. No more waiting on standard mail or burdensome email attachments. Shared documents can be placed right in the client portal, reviewed by both parties, and signed off on electronically. The process is quick, efficient, and secure.

Electronic Bill Sharing

Virtually any bill can be paid online these days. Why would the valuable services your organization provides be any different. PlanStreet’s online client portal makes it easy to post invoices where clients can login and pay them. Timely and organized payments become a reality!

Compliant, Best Practice Configurations

PlanStreet helps your nonprofit accelerate its impact by evaluating and managing outcomes. It also helps in aligning the mission with the desired results at an organizational level. PlanStreet's Case Management software leads to an outcome where every participant receives the services he/she needs to reach its goals.

Task Sharing

Clients seek out non-profit organizations for their help and this help is modeled by PlanStreet’s very client portal. Tasks and forms that need to be completed can be divided and tracked so that their progress doesn’t fall behind. Case managers are able to login and see exactly where a client is in relation to a deadline!

PlanStreet’s Case Management ensures that you manage each case diligently

Successfully execute your cases with PlanStreet and stay on top of every activity.