HIPAA Compliant Software

Data security is our number one priority!

PlanStreet understands your projects and data are important for your company’s future and for that cutting edge advantage.

That is the reason why professionals at PlanStreet strive to keep your information secure and private. We provide customers with a HIPAA compliant secure and reliable environment for the cloud-based applications. PlanStreet has come up with a security model that covers all aspects of cloud-based systems. Our policy is that no one other than PlanStreet developers can access the data of clients and is only done if it is deemed necessary to solve client-related issues.

Understanding the need to emphasize on security issues, PlanStreet monitors the infrastructure for potential threats and issues periodic security internal evaluation. We also update the security model and address emerging security threats.

We thoroughly check the organization's information security risks, taking note of all threats and vulnerabilities. PlanStreet also designs and implements a complete set of information security controls as well as other forms of risk treatment to handle risks that are considered unacceptable.

PlanStreet systems are hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure.
Microsoft’s website explains their security measures in detail, which can be viewed here:

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