Foster Care Software

Seamlessly Track the Foster Parent process
all the way to Adoption

PlanStreet’s foster care software provides foster care institutions with the tools to manage and keep track of parents, events, foster care homes, and processes.


The work that foster care organizations do in the community to serve children is beyond valuable. PlanStreet recognizes the importance of your team’s work and also the privacy and protection of the children whose lives you are working to better. PlanStreet’s proven and flexible case management software is the ideal tool for foster care agencies to help organize work follow and client information.



Software tailored for non-profit foster care and adoption agencies

PlanStreet is a cloud-based, one-stop-shop tool for your foster care organization. Our flexible platform allows your team to work collaboratively and on the go, ensuring that no one is tied to a desk. Our flexible platform allows you to customize reporting, forms, and data organization to your specific needs.

PlanStreet customizable features simplifying
foster management processes

Manage administrative tasks: track and organize ownership and status of the tasks across the entire organization

Track foster parent recruitment: keep up to date on the status of prospective foster parents

Track foster parent documentation and certification: safely store documents provided by prospective foster parents

Adoption management: Document and supply status updates for each step of the adoption process

Automated reminders: receive notifications about tasks to stay ahead of your own schedule

Available Families Database: instantly see what families are available to help

Case Management: robust case management system ensures effective management of clients

Checklists: create customized checklists for any process in your organization

Child intake: document and organize information gathered during initial intake

Education requirement tracking: store documentation to ensure proper education

Family portal: online access for families to the information they need wherever they need it

Online applications: simple, easy to complete online applications for prospective foster parents

Online licensing forms: convenient online access to all required state and federal licensing forms

Payment tracking: follow payments through various status with online payment tracking

Placement management: Track the placement process for beginning to end

Reporting: custom reports that can flex to the specific needs of your team

Treatment management: store confidential treatment information and status for seamless care

Foster to adopt: manage the process of adoption from foster care all the way to adoption

Respite credit tracking: track care from family to family in one centralized location

Respite credit tracking: track care from family to family in one centralized location

PlanStreet is for foster care and child protective service providers

PlanStreet is the comprehensive tool that foster care and child protective service providers need at their disposal. Its intuitive design makes it easy to use and ensure that it will seamlessly fit into your team’s processes.
Our unique features are designed to make the jobs of those working to better the lives of children easier. Spending less time with laborious tasks and data entry means more time spent on providing quality care to clients.

Secure adoption and foster care case management software for foster care professionals

Data protection and privacy is of the utmost importance in foster care. PlanStreet takes this responsibility seriously and works to ensure that the information your organization is entrusted with is in good hands. Access based on user roles ensures that every person - child protective service professionals, administration workers, and prospective foster parents - all have access to just the information they need.

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PlanStreet has successfully provided case management solutions to a variety of non-profit organizations and is well versed in what the needs of the non-profit sector are. Our goal is to streamline your process and help you with the efficiency you need to do your best work.
PlanStreet is committed to helping your foster care organization be as effective as possible in the valuable work you are dedicated to. We’d love to show the full scope of what our case management software can offer.

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