Establish routines,
Monitor progress.

Home Care Management

Help your senior clients thrive at home with your services.

Many of us have loved ones who wish to remain in their own homes even as old age approaches, and they need assistance with daily living. We realize the need to respect the choices all adults make despite their seniority, need, possible illnesses or disabilities. So, we provide you with a platform that home caregivers can use to effectively cater to all aspects of designing and monitoring a healthy life for their clients.

With PlanStreet you can:

Simplify Client

You can enter details about new clients using our comprehensive entry forms.

Register care providers and Pharmacies

By doing so you bring to your case management Platform, care providers and pharmacies so that you can match client needs to appropriate providers.


While you’re working to ensure your clients enjoy comfortable and fruitful lives at home, the services and supplies they need, have to be paid for. Usually children or other family members are paying for the in-home care of loved ones. On PlanStreet, you can register details of payers and record their invoices, modes of payment and details of transactions.


You can also schedule chores such as grocery shopping, home cleaning, hygiene management, laundry, pet care, washing dishes, etc. Thereby ensuring all senior care management solutions are provided in a timely manner and care attendants are aware of their tasks.


You can also set up a plan detailing all medicines a client takes along with dosages and timing so that attendants can monitor a client’s medicine intake.


Having established the needs of a home care client, you can also link these needs to appropriate service providers using our software. Tracking actual service provision can also be easily managed.

your billings

Care providers can submit Medicaid claims as soon as they provide services, easily calculate their billable service units and get paid faster.

Capture notes and

Senior adults often have changing needs as age progresses, sometimes medical needs may change, use your PlanStreet software to record any notes for further discussion.

All humans deserve adequate levels of care and dignity in the way they choose to live. Should seniors choose to continue living at home rather than in assisted living facilities, home care services can be employed to ensure their wellbeing and day to day management of life. These services guarantee needed help through carers without any intrusion on the privacy of the home care client.


PlanStreet streamlines the provision of homecare services, makes life easier for the carers by providing schedules for chores and appointments, guidelines for groceries and medicines and any other services the client needs. All of this ultimately results in the best level of care for the home care client.

PlanStreet’s Home Care Management ensures that you manage each case diligently

Successfully execute your cases with PlanStreet and stay on top of every activity.