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Mental Health organizations work hard to better the lives of clients. Your work helps individuals overcome struggles and become the best version of themselves. Your team, and more importantly your patients, do not deserve to be held back by faulty software and antiquated methods of organizing cases and to create case notes.

Case notes are the life blood of any practice as it ensures payment, effective session planning, and reflection on current sessions. It is also paramount to keep these case notes secure in line with HIPAA in order to keep the integrity of your practice. Planstreet’s software allows you to do all of that with our encrypted cloud-based software. Document, review, and edit anything you need for your case notes with just a few simple clicks that save you time so you can spend more of your busy day with clients.

How PlanStreet Can Help You

PlanStreet’s emphasis on flexibility and security puts your health service non-profit organization on track to become more efficient and effective. A centralized virtual workspace for your team allows for a wealth of efficiencies that you may be missing out on!

Increased efficiency

Non-profit organizations run on thin margins and your organization is tasked with doing as much as possible with very limited resources. Through a reduction in cumbersome paperwork, ease of billing, and client access to information via their portal, more works gets down with less effort!

Virtual workspace

Traditional office spaces are disappearing quickly as the modern workforce moves toward a hybrid or all virtual approach to doing business. The mental health services sector is no different and PlanStreet provides the ability to jump in full force and take your team wherever they need to go. Your team of mental health care providers can login and access client information wherever and whenever they need.

Optimized organization

Mental health agencies create and maintain an incredible number of records. Client files and notes, billing, compliance data, and audits all have to be maintained and accessed easily at any time. PlanStreet keeps you organized with document storage and organization. Digging through a filing cabinet for a patient record is a thing of the past. Quickly accessing and utilizing records is what your team deserves!


The world of mental health case management services is highly regulated by the medical community, state and federal regulations, and HIPAA. Keeping up with the all of the red tape can be a job in and of itself. One thing you should never have to worry about is if your tools are compliant. PlanStreet is a full-service, HIPAA compliant software that lets your team focus less on compliance and more on the valuable mental health services work they are doing.


Your mental health organization doesn’t fit neatly into a box like other organizations so why should you expect your behavioral health software to do the same. PlanStreet allows you to customize forms, process, and fields that meet the specific needs of your team so that you operate the way that works best for you.

Mental and Behavioral Health Case Management

The complications that mental and behavioral illnesses carry, and their equally complex treatment regimes, mean that the job is far from being easy for the nonprofits working in this field. For case managers, especially, the management of mental health clients tends to become exhaustive when done using legacy methods.


By using mental health case management software, they can simplify day-to-day tasks bringing every function to their fingertips. The power, flexibility, and ease these advanced systems bring to people working in the fields of mental and behavioral health are simply matchless. Here’s what a case management software for mental health is and what PlanStreet’s bespoke solutions can deliver.


Features of PlanStreet’s Mental and Behavioral Health Software

Our full-service software for behavioral health solution is intended to be a one-stop-shop for all of your organization’s needs.

Here are just some of the features we offer:

Develop customized forms

Tailor reports to present information that stakeholders need

Maintain calendars and timelines

Document each step of a client’s journey

Store confidential client information safely and securely

Reduce paperwork during intake process

Web-based platform allows staff to work anywhere, anytime

Instantly share information internally with other mental health professionals

Patient billing made easy

Modern billing and accounting is largely web based and that works to the advantage of both the vendor and the client. But, along with ease of use comes increased risk of data theft. Your mental health service organization needs a reliable, safe, and secure billing platform that both you and your clients trust.

The mental health billing process, including patient billing and claim management, can be a complicated and time consuming aspect of the behavioral health solutions process. PlanStreet eliminates paper billing and organizes your medical billing into one comprehensive software platform.

PlanStreet’s mental health billing service software is equipped with the secure billing platform you need:

  • Private and secure billing that you can count on
  • Insurance and Medicaid eligibility check
  • Efficient claim processing
  • Client portals that give clients access to their billing statements
  • Notifications that can alert clients when invoices are due
  • Clients can make payments directly from their portal
  • Payments can be made via PayPal or credit card


Patient Therapy Portal

  • Online Client Scheduling
  • Automated appointment conflict checks
  • Online Intake and Assessment Forms
  • Request electronic signatures
  • Share documents with Patients
  • Securely Share Electronic Health Records
  • Patients can update personal details and submit requests

Switching to PlanStreet for Your Health Service Software Needs

Your team deserves the best solution for streamlining processes, increasing efficiency, and establishing a better work life balance. PlanStreet is the tool you need to get you team focused on what they do best: helping your clients change their lives. If you don’t have a full-service software for your non-profit mental health organization, PlanStreet’s unique and flexible software is the resource you’re missing. PlanStreet can take your team’s valuable work to the next level. For non-profit organizations already using a mental health case management software, PlanStreet’s flexibility and customization will likely breathe fresh air into your processes.

Learn how our Mental Health Service Case Management can help you

We’re positive PlanStreet will help you and your team(s) plan, execute, and track work.