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Safe and affordable housing is a key component to helping individuals struggling with addiction stay on the road to recovery.



The organizations that work to help those in recovery are charged with some of the most important work not only in the lives of their clients but in society as a whole.

PlanStreet’s goal is to optimize your teams performance so that you can focus on the work that is important to you: serving your community.

PlanStreet Transitional Housing Features for Your Organization

PlanStreet’s sober living case management system helps you accomplish this mission with features that are designed to economize your work process:

Client Tracking

Effortlessly see what is happening with each and every client that you are working with and monitor bed occupancy levels.

Schedule Programs & Services

Easily arrange and schedule both internal and external services for your clients with a user friendly calendar interface.

Streamline Intake Process

Customizable intake forms allow you to streamline your intake processes and get the information you need in the format you want.

Secure Messaging

Communicate with clients via secure and private messaging.

Customized Reports

Create reports in the format and style best suited to your team’s operations.

HIPAA Compliant

Protect client information and communications with HIPAA compliant software.

Track Rent Payments

Protect client information and communications with HIPAA compliant software.

Complete Visibility

Monitor your success and the efficiency of your organization at any given moment.

PlanStreet is the All-In-One software YOU Need to Manage Your Transitional, Supportive, or Sober Living Homes

PlanStreet’s sober living software is everything you need bundled in to a single, all-encompassing package. It is truly a one-stop-shop for transitional housing case management needs.

Tracking the intricacies of transitional and sober living homes can be onerous. There is a tremendous amount of data collection, organization, scheduling, financial management, and progress assessment that must be done on a daily basis. PlanStreet can take on all of these challenges and optimize your organization’s efforts to help your clients get back on their feet and live life to the fullest.


customize your forms and interface


reduce clumsy and redundant


easily used by team members at all skill levels


secure storage of client and organizational data

PlanStreet is for homelessness organizations providing shelter and temporary or sober living homes

The noble cause of helping individuals find safe, secure, and affordable housing on their path to wellness is not always an easy one. PlanStreet gives your team the tools to effectively manage transitional housing for homeless families, sober living homes, halfway houses, and permanent supportive housing situations.

Safe and affordable shelter is a key step in the journey to recovery. PlanStreet makes your organization’s homeless transitional housing programs efficient and effective.

It's time to switch to the best transitional housing software to reduce homelessness

Your team and your client base deserve the best and PlanStreet can get you there. Do not be trapped by an out-dated, one-size-fits-all case management system that is incapable of meeting the specific needs of your team. Instead, implement a tool that integrates seamlessly into your work flow and takes your processes to the next level.



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