Donor Management Software

The Ultimate Tool for Nonprofit


Donor engagement and retention is the lifeblood of any non-profit organization

There is a tremendous amount of work put into donor management. These individuals become participants in your organization’s mission and maintaining their engagement from that point on becomes critical for any non-profit.

That is why PlanStreet has created the perfect donation management software to make this task as simple and intuitive as possible. Our software uses the latest software for donor engagement and retention, decreasing donor attrition and increasing revenue, all in a clean modern interface.

PlanStreet’s comprehensive donor management software
makes the fundraiser’s job easier:

Create donor profiles to store demographic information such as names, titles, contact numbers, addresses, mutual contacts, and recent financial donation information.

PlanStreet has a proven donor retention rate of 47% - a rate that is nearly double the non-profit sector average.

Automate task reminders to initiate contact with donors and set follow meetings.

Cloud based software allows access to donor information anywhere, anytime.

Entire teams can have access to the same donor information as PlanStreet provides unlimited user account access

Donor Engagement

Foster donor relationships
for a lifetime.

Keeping in touch with donors on a consistent basis is a key component to building a relationship. Maintaining timely communications and updates can be an overwhelming responsibility as the volume of donors grows.

PlanStreet can automate this for you. Set custom alerts so that your team is reminded to:

  • Send follow ups to donors
  • Get out easy-to-personalize receipts
  • Deliver all important thank you messages
  • Instant online donation acknowledgements
  • Email marketing updates on your organization’s efforts
  • Quick and efficient special announcements to celebrate your team’s successes

Consistent and thoughtful communication is the best way to build a rapport and sense of trust with your donor base. PlanStreet can help you stand out amongst all the noise in an individual’s inbox.

Reporting and Data Analytics

Know your metrics.
Grow your mission.


Your needs aren’t the same as every other nonprofit so why should you settle for a one-size-fits-all reporting package? PlanStreet gives you the tools to create reports that reflect your organization’s specific interests.

Report library
In addition to the ability to create your own custom reports, PlanStreet offers over 70 standard reports that you can choose to analyze donor retention, revenue, and projections.

Once you have the information you need, you need to get it in the hands of your team. Reports can be schedule to run, stored on team dashboards, or emailed to individuals. Everyone will be on the same page all the time.

Engage stakeholders
Board members, community leaders, and organization executives expect to know the financial status of the cause they’re involved in and these reports make it quick and easy to get information in their hands.


Integrated Online Forms

Raise more money online.
Automate data entry.

Building trust with donors begins with buying in to your mission and continues right up to the point where they visit your site to pledge financial support. PlanStreet’s integrated online forms create a seamlessly branded continuity that donors can identify and trust.

Studies have shown that donors are six times more likely to donate when a form is branded with your logo. The ability to customize these forms is invaluable to fundraising. In fact, these branded forms can be integrated into emails, social media, websites, and even made available to your donors for peer-to-peer fundraising.

In today’s non-profit world, you need all the flexibility you can get. PlanStreet’s integrated online forms are here to help.

Event Management

Streamline your fundraising

Fundraising events are often marquee moments for a non profit organization. It is a time for your team to show their passion for the mission and convince others to join them. Given the potential for significant funding in these events, your team needs the best tool to organize such an occasion.

  • Create customizable registration forms that are branded with your organization.
  • Manage RSVP status for invitations
  • Develop a seating plan for registrants to ensure a smooth event
  • Generate reports to analyze your event’s success based on the metrics that are important to you.
  • PlanStreet’s mobile app allows for donations to be captured onsite at the event on phones and other devices.

Donation Processing

Data entry and payment processing,

Your donors want a simple and quick way to support your cause. PlanStreet’s online forms help your organization create a painless “click-and-give” experience that donors will no doubt appreciate.

Automation is king in your non-profit organization’s quest for efficiency. Once a donor submits payment into PlanStreet’s online form, their donation information is seamlessly integrated into their donor profile. You can relax knowing that all this information will be available at your fingertips without any extra work.

PlanStreet - The ultimate fundraising management software for nonprofits

Your nonprofit deserves a tool that works as hard and is as flexible as your own team. PlanStreet’s web based software is that versatile you need to take your fundraising and donor management to the next level.

With automation and customization, PlanStreet is poised to streamline your fundraising efforts, facilitate communication with donors, and retain your donor base.

PlanStreet is poised to streamline your fundraising efforts, facilitate communication with donors, and retain your donor base.

Successfully execute your cases, reports and donations with PlanStreet and stay on top of every activity.